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RS Deer Ranch is diversified between breeding Trophy Whitetail and Fallow Deer.

Shirley Ann and Roy Douglas Masonson
1982: Roy Douglas and Shirley Ann Malonson established Malonson RS Ranch in the community of Acreage Home (The 44) located in NW Houston Harris County, Texas on 23 acres.

2004: Roy Douglas and Shirley Ann Malonson purchased the beautiful 251 acres ranch from the legendary race car driver A.J. Foyt Jr. in the gentle rolling hills of Waller County, Texas (between the Cities of Hempstead and Navasota) just 50 minutes from downtown Houston and 40 minutes from College Station Texas.

2008: Roy Douglas and Shirley Ann Malonson received their Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Deer Breeder's Permit to start their Whitetail Breeding Program, renamed their ranch to "RS Deer Ranch", and branded their Whitetail Deer by the name "RS Cajun".

2009: RS Deer Ranch developed a Bio-Secured Closed Whitetal Herd. Working with Dr. James Kroll, AKA "Dr. Deer", they installed a state-of-the-art Whitetail Deer facility, redesigned their breeding pens and installed a 30 foot outer fence for the complete separation between native and released deer from the breeding pens.

2009: RS Deer Ranch started with a goal of producing a Typical line of deer for their bucks to reach 220 Typical inches at 2½ years of age and breaking 260 Typical inches as mature bucks. They called this "Project 222". In order to accomplish this incredible feat, RS Deer Ranch purchased a group of does and bucks from Texas breeders that are known for producing High Typical Frames. Natural and Artifiial Insemiation (Vaginal AI an Laparoscopic AI) breeding is used to combine the best lines to achieve a srong Typical herd from Texas and Northern Breeders.

2010: RS Deer Ranch established a Trophy Hunting Operation after receiving a Managed Lands Deer Permit " MLDP" from Texas Parks and Wildlie Department. Offering opportunities for a lifetime hunt of Whitetail, Axis and Fallow bucks. The ranch includes a six acre lake and lodging.

2014: RS Deer Ranch sold all their commercial cattle and purchase a group of Registered Red Herefords Cattle.

2014: RS Deer Ranch purchased a group of High End Beef type registered Brahman in partnership with Mosley Ranch of Crockett, Texas.

2016: RS Deer Ranch purchased a 70% Registered Black Herefords Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled Bull from Double M Cattle in Georgia with low to moderate birth weight to put on their Registered Red Herefords Cows for 85% Registered Black Herefords Cattle.

2020: RS Deer Ranch sold all their cattle to focus more on the deer operation

2020: RS Deer Ranch purchased one of the best deer herds in the country from The Refuge in Corsicana, Texas. Read the story Here.

2020: RS Deer Ranch partnererd with Big Time Whitetail to market and sell their deer.

2020: RS Deer Ranch expanded its breeding facility.

2020: RS Deer Ranch now has one of the best herds in the country.

If you are interested in Breeding Whitetail & Fallow Deer, Outstanding Buck or enhancing your hunting operation, call RS Deer Ranch at 979-921-9908 or mbile 713-244-4067.

RS Deer Ranch
28820 FM 1736 Road · Hempstead, TX · Waller County
(45 miles from Houston & College Station)

Phone: #979-921-9908

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